Our Ensembles


Full Choir/ Mixed Chorus

The Mixed Chorus consists of members ranging from grades 9th through 12th that are enrolled in chorus classes and dedicated auxiliary members within the student body. The Mixed Chorus repertoire consists of spirituals, patriotic music, seasonal and gospel literature. This group performs primarily in the school setting and as needed at large-scale performances. Although it requires no audition to join, the members must have the willingness and desire to work hard, rehearse after school and adhere to the standards of the choral program.


Concert Choir

The Concert Choir consists of a select group of 50 auditioned/selected musicians, preferably with previous choral experience. The Concert Choir serves as the program’s primary performing group which includes concerts and competitions on the local, national and international level. The music literature for this group encompasses all idioms including ‘art’ music, spirituals, gospel, and major works at the intermediary levels.


Knights and Daze Show Choir

They sing! They swing! The Knights and ‘Daze’ show choir (named by former director, Dorothy A. Marshall) is a dedicated, hard-working group of volunteer students who combine all of the elements of choral singing with intricate choreography. The repertoire consists of show tunes, jazz and pop literature. Lots of patience and hard work is required, but its tons of fun.


Singing Knights

This highly selected, premier ensemble is comprised of 20-24 auditioned/ selected young musicians, who exude superior music ability and skill. The repertoire consists of quality, advanced literature geared towards a small ensemble sound from the Renaissance Period to the sophisticated harmonies of the Contemporary Period. The Singing/ Swingin’ Knights symbolize the choral program at the most ‘elite’ performances. This ensemble is the ‘heart’ of the Baltimore City College Choral Program.


The Men's Glee Club

“We’re the Men of the Chorus”! In an effort to return to the glorious tradition of the male ensemble, the Men’s Glee Club has been reorganized! The Glee Club seeks to uphold the legacy of choral music, change the perspective of the male singer and restore the rich harmonies of the male chorus to the ‘Halls of Ivy”. All that is needed is a desire to SING!